Noise predictive analysis in marine

The purpose of noise analysis on board ships is to calculate the noise levels, usually in dBA, in the relevant areas, i.e. accommodation and working areas.  These levels will be checking to comply with limit values indicated in:

  • international regulations, such as MSC 337.91(0) resolution in IMO Noise Level Code
  • any other specification applicable for the project, as for exemple COMFORT class notations of Classification Societies, such as Bureau Veritas COMF Noise notation.

The SEA method, Statistical Energy Analysis, is particularly adapted for performing the calculations considering both air borne and structure borne noise. It needs to build a dedicated model representing:

  • the structural elements
  • the fluid space boundaries (cabins)
  • the wall transmission properties
  • the insulation characteristics (ex: sound reduction index)
  • the connections between the different entities
  • the acoustic power of noise sources (air borne noise)
  • the vibrations spectra at relevant locations such as equipment foundation (structure borne noise)
  • the main output of the calculations is the noise levels in dBA.