Structure Integrity

Tecnitas teams own dedicated skills to ensure the structural integrity of the unit. Our experience in all the above described checks and assessments constitute a solid basis for proposing customized services depending on the situation.

Strength Analysis

The check of the “strength”, in the broad sense of the term, include to perform various investigations to ensure the integrity of a structure; such as static calculations, buckling and ultimate strength analysis, structural analysis of composite and bonded structures, as well as thermal and thermo mechanical analyses.


Fatigue & Life Extension

Fatigue calculations demonstrate that fatigue life of the structure exceeds its operational life. Life extension study in addition, takes into account the corresponding load history of the structure to ensure its integrity during a prolonged life cycle.


Dynamic Analysis



 When the structural response of the system involves natural frequencies and corresponding vibrations modes, dynamic analyses are preformed; such as blast, collision and drop object and seismic analyses. 


Shaft Alignment

To ensure the integrity of the interaction between the ship steelwork and the propulsion plant, the bearing offsets and the machining parameters of stern tube bushes must be carefully determined. This can be achieved accurately by using elastic alignment calculations methodology. 


Complex Non-Linear Analysis

Complex non-linear analyses involve different types of non-linearities, such as geometric non-linearities, material non-linearities and contact phenomena.