Dynamic Analysis

Dynamic calculations are to be performed when the inertia forces cannot be neglected. From a practical point of view, this means that the structural response of the structure or system involves the natural frequencies and the corresponding vibrations modes.

The most usual dynamic analysis is probably the vibrations calculations which is performed in two steps: calculations of natural frequencies and mode forms, then calculations of vibrations levels under harmonic excitations.

The calculations of natural frequencies and mode forms is also performed in the context of seismic analysis for which a response under a spectrum excitation is performed.

Apart from the above described analyses, there are other situations for which a time domain analysis is required, for instance response to a blast, collision and drop objects analysis. The characteristics of these phenomena is that they may be highly transient and can involve non linearity such as contacts and elasto plasticity.

Tecnitas has experience and owns references related to all kinds of dynamic analysis, and in particular :

  • Blast Analysis
  • Collision and Drop Objects
  • Seismic Analysis