Advanced Evacuation Analysis for Passenger Ships

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Advanced Evacuation Analysis studies are required when the shipyard or the owner wish an advanced analysis of evacuation for meeting SOLAS requirements for Ro-Pax (Chap II-2 Reg. 13.7.4 Evacuation Analysis) .

This type of analysis is mandatory for Ro-Pax ships and recommended for Cruise vessels. Since 2014, IMO works on the mandatory application to cruise ship . The goal of it is to refine the layout for complying with maximum allowable evacuation time.

But it is also generally recognised that these analyses can help refining the evacuation route and optimising evacuation and abandonment procedures onboard for an enhanced safety.

Tecnitas performs studies and simulations for the assembly and abandon phases for Cruise and Ro-Pax vessels using MaritimeEXODUS, numerical software which models the movement of every person on-board, which has been specially validated for maritime application.

The sudies are based on IMO/MSC/Circ. 1238 Guideline on evacuation analysis which provides a simplified analysis method as well as an advanced analysis method. The advanced method uses simulation models to account for each passenger and crew individually and simulate their movement on-board. The performance is assessed by a time criterion and a congestion criterion.