LILAS - Elastic Shaft Alignment

LILAS: an advanced software for elastic alignment calculations

LILAS is specifically designed for analysing an elastic system constituted by an elastic rotating line shafting supported by bearings fixed on an elastic structure.

LILAS delivers all necessary information for defining theoretical optimum alignment conditions and implementing properly these conditions on board (gap/sag, influence numbers, jack-up loads).


LILAS: A user-friendly graphical user interface and an efficient solver: 

LILAS considers accurately the physics:  

  • Line shafting stiffness
  • Ship steelwork flexibility and relative deformations between different loading conditions
  • Efforts on propulsion plant (gravity loads, propeller forces and moments, efforts on main gear pinions)
  • Lubricant film effects in running conditions
  • Characteristics of anti friction material

LILAS needs results of finite element calculations: 

  • Flexibility matrix characterizing  ship steel work flexibility
  • Ship steelwork deformations between dry dock and floating conditions or between two loading conditions (ex: ballast/full load)

An exhaustive post-processing: